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Plywood Report Below 14th Edition: Barmarché, Tong, ex-Jade Mountain, More!!

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This afternoon's Plywood Report shall hearken back to the glory days and exclusively focus on the Below 14th environment. Sightings from all neighborhoods, however, are welcome to We thank you.


1) Nolita: Emails a tipster, "Barmarché in Nolita (14 Spring St. at Elizabeth St.) is out for renovations. Perhaps temporary, perhaps otherwise." Eater operatives dropped by the scene earlier today and took the above photographs; a peek through a pulled-aside curtain seems to indicate this isn't anything major. Updates as events warrant. [TEMPORARY PLYWOOD]

2) West Village: Says another tipster, "Any idea what the new spot is that’s going in at 38 8th Ave in the West Village? Right next to Lilac Chocolate shop? Saw lots of activity the past few days in the tiny space that’s been rather nicely remodeled." Intel welcome. [PLYWOOD]

2007_10_tongthai.jpg3) Central Village: A tipster emails the photo at right with this note: "Any early intel on Tong on 13th near University Place? This neighborhood already has plenty of Thai, but this will be our first Thai 'brasserie.'" [PLYWOOD]

4) East Village: Vanishing New York reports that in the space that held the long-shuttered First Avenue legend Jade Mountain, there are signs of life. Confirmed: "It's going to be a restaurant." [PLYWOOD]

5) East Village: Finally, good news for people who love chain establishments. Per CoStar's report, "The national soup and sandwich franchise, The Original SoupMan and 1,400-store ice cream franchise, Cold Stone Creamery are teaming up to open a new, co-branded store format in New York City. Located at 2 Astor Place in New York, the first Original SoupMan/Cold Stone Creamery store will celebrate its grand opening in early November." [PLYWOOD]