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EaterWire: Danal Moving to Lower Fifth Ave., More!

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EAST/CENTRAL VILLAGE—We've been hearing rumors of East Village brunch favorite Danal closing up shop on East 10th Street (right) since the summer. Today we can confirm that Danal is, indeed, decamping from its longtime home for new digs on Fifth Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets. It's your typical case of leases expiring and rents doubling, but the move offers the upside of a new space that's twice as large. They're planning to keep the same vibe, which is good, lest the Paris Commune effect strike. Anyway, we've also got this color, per a tipster: "Danal is having a 'moving ceremony' November 11th. I guess staff and regulars will each be taking a plate or something symbolic and walking it to the new location, where drinking of champagne will commence." Consider that unconfirmed but awesome. [EaterWire]

MIDTOWN WEST—Here's a dashing photograph of the West 55th Street Five Guys Burger outpost that's just days away from opening. Mark calendars for October 28. [EaterWire Inbox]

MEATPACKING—Finally, our friends at RareDaily alert us to the news that newish Mexican eatery Los Dados will begin serving brunch this weekend (11:30am-3pm). This is to be followed by regular lunch service starting Monday. Oh, and the takeout taqueria is also now open. Alrighty then. [EaterWire Inbox]