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Whither (Also: $500 Bounty Update)

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It's been almost two months since we offered a crisp $500 reward to anyone, anyone, who'd care to tell us where chef Paul Liebrandt's super-secret new restaurant is located. In those two months, we've gone so far as to discuss the bounty with Leibrandt himself, and assure him that yes, he, too, is eligible to claim it. And yet, here we sit on October 18, with the new Restaurant Liebrandt apparently set to open in January, and we still have no clue as to its location.

In search of clues, we headed over to the website, a site which has in the past wowed us with some serious internetty pyrotechnics. Yet in place of sultry photographs of the chef, and the admonition to "turn the volume up for sound," we now find the sad sack seen above right. And again, the mystery deepens. Liebrandt, we'll admit it: you're completely inside our heads at this point. Damn you.
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