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Post-Plywood: Radegast Hall Revealed, But Not Open

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[Photo by Femia, 10/12/07]

We've been obsessing about it since forever, so it's great to see that Williamsburg's forthcoming Radegast Hall and Biergarten is ready for business, per the lens of our roving photographer Will Femia (above). Rumors on the Internets had the place opening by this weekend, which given the unusually warm temperatures forecast would have given the place the chance to kick off in style by retracting its roof.

A call to the venue this afternoon, however, yields the news that unresolved issues with the Department of Buildings are further delaying the opening. "We'll be posting the opening date on our website," the nice woman on the phone informed us. Which leads us to believe we won't see Radegast pouring beer until the snows come. Pity, that.
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