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Whither Update: Chef's Website Hacked!

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We now bring you a breaking update on the situation at Paul Liebrandt's website. From the chef himself:

"Just thought I should let you know whats up with my website, last week someone hacked in to my host service provider and stole my personal info (address, email, phone no., etc.) changed my passwords and linked the page that you see right now to my website address (from what my web-designer has told me there was a security hole on the host servers interface) so I am currently changing my domain address to a different host server, the website should be back on line in a few days. (along with the pyrotechnics! com'on they are fun!)"
Though this is all happening way too fast to really process, we have questions. Primarily, who in their right mind is going to take the time to hack Paul Liebrant's website? But then it hit us: NERONI.
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