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EaterWire: A David Kamp Book Signing, Fish Tail DOH'd & More!

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GREENWICH VILLAGE—Vanity Fair and GQ writer David Kamp will be signing copies of his book The Food Snob's Dictionary at the Gourmet Garage on Seventh Ave South and 10th Street tonight from 6 to 8pm. If you consider yourself a "foodie," well, you're probably already there right now. [EaterWire]

DAILY DOH—The rebranding of sushi spot Tab Tos as Fish Tail looks to have had dire consequences. From a tipster: "Walked by Tab Tos last night and there were 2 prominent yellow signs indicating that it had been closed for health violations. Too bad, it was always an excellent go-to for cheap, well made sushi. Their sashimi salads are/were an absolute steal for the price and quality." [EaterWire Inbox]

NOLITA—The closet-sized space that had housed Rice in Nolita has a new tenant, a taco spot. An excited reader writes: "You may have covered this but I read you pretty much each day so I feel like I would have seen it. But I was alerted to the fact that a new taco place has opened in the spot on Mott st where RICE used to be!!!! This is very exciting. I saw a menu yesterday (the name is escaping me) and it seems like everyone was sub-5 bucks. I hope it's open late. My thighs and hips hope it is NOT open late." [EaterWire Inbox]