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Sam Mason Is a Bad Ass, Just Ask Him

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Back row (left to right): Florian Bellanger (MAD-MAC), Alan Rosen (Junior’s), Morris Harrar (Tisserie Bakery), Sam Mason (Tailor), Will Goldfarb (Dessert Studio at Chocolat Michel Cluizel), Deborah Racicot (Gotham Bar & Grill), Michael Laiskonis (Le Bernardin), Terrance Brennan (Artisanal) Seated: Michael Gabriel (Sea Grill) and Katie Lee Joel (Cookbook Author)

The press machine that sent over this photo to us—taken to promote the upcoming Sweet, presented by Ferrero Rocher, the November 16th late night dessert party that will launch the upcoming 2008 Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival—requested we run a fairly specific caption with it. Instead, we're going to bring you this quote, yes quote, from Sam Mason on how he's feeling about himself these days:

"Pastry chefs are in the spotlight now more than ever because we’re bad ass. It’s just been so long that we’ve been in the shadows and no one really heard about the pastry chef. It came to the point recently where people started to recognize that we’re innovators in our own right."
Also bad ass: Terrance Brennan, Katie Lee Joel and baby blue cupcakes.
· Sweet [official site]