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Eater Hospice Update: JCool

With the Mai House team ready to open what's sure to be one of the more hyped "street food" eateries of the fall season, Bun, at 143 Grand Street, there remains the matter of the Deathwatch paperwork on JCool, which previously occupied the space. The nitty gritty:

Deathwatchee: JCool
Status: CLOSED
Time on the 'Watch: 12 months
Prognosis/Analysis: Not one of the Deathwatch Committee's tougher calls; the 'Watch was slapped on JCool as soon as that "50% Off Our Sushi Menu" banner went up. In the end, the place existed for about 18 months. We wish the newcomers kinder karma.
· Deathwatch: JCool [~E~]