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Week in Revivews Bonus: Steve Cuozzo Has His Way with Grayz

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The atrium at Grayz, courtesy of the restaurant

In a Week in Reviews special bonus, we now bring you Steve Cuozzo's scathing, unbridled takedown of Grayz, Gray Kunz's new restaurant in Midtown. It is very early for this kind of verdict, but it's the Cuozzo we're talking about and he does what he wants, people, let's be clear. This is just the beginning:

ON our way out of the brand-new Grayz near midnight Saturday, the joint's greeter/bouncer/cab-fetcher asked: “How did you guys do in there?"

Dude, it's not about how we did - it's about how a biblically slow-in-coming bar/lounge/private dining venue did after two years of hype, drama and delays. It's time to reel in this camel with mismatched humps, cruelly force-marched into the Aquavit townhouse at 13 W. 54th St.

Grayz, brainchild of Gray Kunz, did not do well. Three hours for a few formulaic nibbles, two “full-size" items and dessert?

Grayz - it's for grazing, get it? - might end up making more money than Kunz's Café Gray at the Time Warner Center. Its baroque cocktails will draw suits wanting a slicker sandbox for babe-wrangling than nearby Connolly's.

But don't say we didn't warn you.

Free range, indeed.
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