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EaterWire: Voice Drops Best of List

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NYC—The Village Voice drops in annual Best of NYC list, and from what we can tell it's somewhere between random and incoherent. But if you do want to have a look, off you go. [VV]

CARROLL GARDENS—Bottomless Dish points out, rightfully so, that we were a bit quick to claim the news of Frankies expansion as our own. Edible Brooklyn was on it over the summer: "While tight-lipped about precisely what the future holds for this half-block of Court between Fourth Place and Luquer Street, the Franks divulge that a new restaurant is on the way, and that a much larger kitchen, currently under construction on Luquer, will even have gas burners, allowing for a full-service catering branch this fall—food to be delivered with a vintage Mercedes truck. There's also talk of a forthcoming cookbook." Please make a note. [Bottomless Dish/Edible Brooklyn]

EAST VILLAGE—Zagat Wire, and only Zagat Wire, reports that the key element in Dave Chang's relocated Momofuku Noodle Bar will be a large poster of John McEnroe. Zagat does not indicate whether or not it will bear any resemblance to the large McEnroe poster at Ssam Bar. [ZagatWire]