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Eater Inside: Matilda

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Kalina, 10/16/07.

There is something mesmerizing about this restaurant, this little husband-wife Mexican and Italian hybrid, owned by first-timers Maristella Innocenti and Esteban Molina, who met at I Coppi. It's a sliver of a place, really, and the design is really a thing of homespun beauty, if it's beauty at all, and we can't help but be just a tiny bit taken with the place for no particularly good reason. Despite the way long odds of this working, we're rooting for it, if only to see someone beside Cesare Casella try and make the Maremma thing work. Dishes to be expected here include Pico De Gallo Di Frutta, which is mango, papaya and hint of jalapeno served with focaccia. The first person to say Deathwatch is going to spend five minutes in the penalty box.