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Eater Inside: Belcourt

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Kalina, 10/15/07.

We come now to Belcourt, Plywood alum and the new East Village bistro helmed by Matt Hamilton (Uova, Pair of 8s). Officially, the concept here is "Parisian Gastropub". If you're wondering what separates it from a bistro it's, basically, the lack of roast chicken on the menu. In other words, bistro is to roast chicken as Parisian Gastropub is to, for example, preserved rabbit legs with fennel, mushroom and chestnut sugo. Fortunately, Matt Hamilton can cook, so these offerings, while a bit fussy for a deliberately casual joint on lower Second Avenue, are quite solid, from what we can tell thus far. Much of the decor is antiques imported from Paris, which makes for a warm, warn-in setting. The owner of the joint is Mehenni Zebentout, who also owns Nomad nearby.