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SobeWire: 2008 Wine & Food Fest Tickets On Sale Today

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Eater is the official blog of the 2008 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival. We'll be brining you the SobeWire, news, anticipation and such on the festival as the annual event draws closer. Plus, in February, the 21st to 24th, we'll be on location for you in South Beach, getting you serious access to all the boozy debauchery as it happens—and even doing some reportage on the proceedings, too.

2007_10_sobe_logo.jpgTickets go on sale today for the 2008 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival, one of the biggest eating and drinking events in the country and the everyman's answer to the Classic in Aspen. All the food biggies are attending, including Flay, Batali, Florence, Lagasse, JGV, and, unless you are foolish enough to try and stay sober through it all, it promises to be quite a show. In South Beach, while you can get a all-in pass, you can also buy tickets to events a la carte, which isn't a bad thing. View all the Sobe events here, or click fast to secure tickets to the annual Burger Bash, hosted by Rachel Ray; or how about the Mario Batali/Jamie Oliver dinner at Devito South Beach (or for 50 bucks you can attend the afterparty); and, for high rollers, the big show is the Tribute Dinner honoring Jean-Georges Vongerichten, with food prepared by Michel Richard (Citronelle), Guy Savoy (Restaurant Guy Savoy), Nobu Matsuhisa (Nobu), Wylie Dufresne (WD-50), and Jacques Torres (Jacques Torres Chocolate). With apologies, however, tickets for the Tony Bourdain/Rachael Ray cage match are not yet available.
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