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Le Cirqueus: The Return of Le Cirque?

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[Kalina, 6/12/06.]

It's hard to classify this latest version of Le Cirque, Sirio Maccioni and Son's restaurant in the Bloomberg building, as anything but a disaster to date. Poor reviews, most notably a two-star spanking by Frank Bruni, and atrophying crowds have left a mark on the Upper East Side institution. But here's something interesting: under the direction of a new chef, Christophe Bellanca, Le Cirque is showing new signs of life (latest menus provided below). We were in last week and noted a fairly full dining room and, far more importantly, none of the self-important high wire act offerings that the previous chef, Pierre Schaedelin (who Sirio dismissed late last year), tried to pass off as food appropriate for a place where the post popular entrees are a dover sole and pasta primavera.

We'll leave the real evaluation to eaters more qualified than us, but do adjust your records. Le Cirque may very well be back.
· Le Cirque, Fall 2007, Entrees [Le Cirque, .pdf]
· Le Cirque, Fall 2007, Appetizers [Le Cirque, .pdf]
· Le Cirque, Fall 2007, Degustation [Le Cirque, .pdf]