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Plywood Report: Café Notte, Big Daddy's Diner, Williamsburg Bonus!!

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Once again, it's time for the Plywood Report, Eater's regular roundup of restaurants and bars preparing to open around town. Seen something new in your neighborhood? The tipline,, eagerly awaits your call.

[Courtesy incantrix/Flickr]

1) Upper East Side: Following the note passed our way by the former owner of DTUT that he was, in fact, not re-opening his establishment, several Eater readers check in with definitive correspondence on what's to come in the space. Emails one, "New signs have been posted in DTUT's windows and it has nothing to do with DTUT unfortunately. 'Coming soon: Café Notte, a fun neighborhood café with some exciting surprises ahead' or something of the sorts. The e-mail address for more info is listed at I checked out the Salsberg Group website,
and they seem to be a bunch of caterers. So who knows. In my last tip, I mentioned that the inside of DTUT, furniture, fixtures etc were virtually untouched. I regretfully now retract that statement, as most everything is being trashed. The odwalla coolers are now off and empty. The shelves on the wall are gone, and the counter is cleared. Full trashbags are laying around and slowly the place is emptying. I guess we will see what happens." [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper East Side: The fun never stops on the Upper East Side. Proof: neighborhood blogger 78th and 2nd reports that Big Daddy's Diner is moving into the old Penang spot on 83rd and Second. Forecast: "They have great tater tots and will be giving Jackson Hole and Peter's a run for their money!" As we said: party. never. stops. [PLYWOOD]

2007_10_newpizza.jpg3) East Village: Emails an Eater correspondent, "Spotted this ply at the corner of Second St and First Ave last night (right). The space looks pretty nice -- I'm assuming it's going to be a restaurant." Additional reconnaissance reveals that we've got a new pizza joint on our hands. Praise the Lord. [PLYWOOD]

4) Chelsea: Here's a bit of a mystery, courtesy of a tipster: "9th ave b/w 18/19th st... Hole in the wall chinese closed...unknown restaurant opening...looks close to done ....brick walls...wide to the street doors." [PLYWOOD]


5) Williamsburg: Emails an alert tipster, "There is a restaurant under construction at N9th and Berry Street in Williamsburg. It seems they have been at it all summer but it looks like it is just about ready (above)." So what do we have here? Intel, pls. [PLYWOOD]

6) Williamsburg: Browstoner gives a call over to still unopened, longtime Plywood vet Radegast Hall and Biergarten. Status: opening in about a week. [POST-PLYWOOD]


7) Williamsburg: Above, via the lens of The Femia. His color: "Mergers and acquisitions. Shanghai Lee, which has a brand new sign, gives up its spot on Manhattan Ave at the end of Bedford Ave. just outside the G stop. Anticipation." [PLYWOOD]