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Deathwatch: Jewel Bako

Yes, there is a pattern developing here. Today, the the Jack Lamb empire is Deathwatched in its entirely. Finishing up the job, we now come to Jewel Bako. First of all, everyone breathe. Sure it's a near-legend in sushi circles, sure it's the Jack Lamb flagship, the restaurant that made Lamb cocky enough to declare himself the "Danny Meyer of the East Village" (when he opened Blue Goose). But, here's a news flash. It's not that good any more. It's been in decline for years and it's time to start the clock. Does it have another year in it? Probably does. Does it have two? Possible. But in the end, Jack Lamb is selling this restaurant and closing up shop on his empire. Jewel Bako, like Jack Lamb's rise to the top, was once epic. Once. Over/under on the slaughter of the Lamb: 18 months.