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The Dish: Bun, Cantina, The Bourgeois Pig, The Australian, Korhogo, 18 Ave. B, Tarabia Restaurant, 105 Riv

[Bun by Femia, 09/30/2007]

1) Bun: Can't afford the upscale Vietnamese offerings at Drew Nieporent's Mai House? Stop by this tiny 45-seat Soho newcomer. Bun is run by Mai House chef Michael Bao Huynh and his wife Thao Nguyen (both formerly of Bao Noodles and Bao 111). The concept here is Vietnamese small plates, which includes dishes like poached egg with sea urchin and truffle and herb-poached black chicken with fennel, grapefruit, and ginseng broth. Yet another reason to drop in: Huynh and Nguyen are also serving four types of pho. They're hoping to open sometime within the next week. 143 Grand St at Lafayette St; (212) 431-7999 [NY Mag]

2) Cantina: Chef Jason Neroni, sadly best-known now for a kerfuffle that landed him in jail a few months back, is consulting at this East Village Cuban restaurant opening tomorrow night. The menu, per the press materials, features "pan-latin home cooking on small plates, complemented by a large variety of Latin beers and sodas" like the interesting-sounding lamb tongue sandwich with membrillo and almond butter. 29 Ave B between 2nd and 3rd Sts; (212) 228-0599 [TONY]

3) The Bourgeois Pig: East Village wine bar Bourgeois Pig has a new, larger location in which patrons can lounge on plush velvet chairs while sipping libations designed by mixologist Philip Ward of Death & Co. This will be the Pig's only location, as per RareDaily, we learn that the West Village outpost is being turned into a beer bar called, for some reason, 124 Rabbit Club. 111 E 7th St between First Ave and Ave A; (212) 475-2246 [RareDaily]

4) The Australian: Aussie bars and restaurants have been opening in NYC with regularity these days. Following in the footsteps of recent Down Under establishments like Sheep Station, Wombat and Kingswood is The Australian, a casual midtowner serving meat pies, sausage rolls and, of course, a beet-topped burger. The place turns into a bar around 9:30pm nightly. 20 W 38th St at Fifth Ave; (212) 869-8601 [Flo Fab]

5) Korhogo: The owners of French joint Bouillabaisse 126, located on the far edge of Carroll Gardens, are now calling the place Korhogo. The menu has switched as well, as they are now serving African fare. A tipster writes: "Just wanted to let you know, in case you didn't, that the place formerly known as Bouillabaisse on Union Street in Brooklyn has finally officially debuted as the new African-inspired restaurant Korhogo. There's a sign in the window explaining the whole new mission." 126 Union St between Columbia and Hicks Sts, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn; (718) 855-4405 [Eater Inbox]

6) 18 Ave. B: Another bar opens on Avenue B in Alphabet City. The place's unimaginative name is only temporary, as the owner tells Citysearch's blog Imbibe that he plans to rename it Zaitzeff. Expect the standard assortment of drinks and beers as well as burgers. 18 Ave B between 2nd and 3rd Sts; (212) 477-7137 [Imbibe]

7) Tarabia Restaurant: A shill/new restaurant announcement was recently sent to the Eater Inbox. Without further ado, it reads: "appetizers set Tarabia Restaurant apart from other Turkish restaurants in NYC. With an appetizer cart updated daily, featuring more than 15 different items, and many fresh seafood options, Tarabia hopes to become a staple in Turkish cuisine in NYC. Located near the corner of 59th street and 1st avenue, at 1071 1st avenue, the restaurant recently opened its doors in late summer." 1071 First Ave at 59th St; (212) 888-0809 [Eater Inbox]

8) 105 Riv: As was mentioned about a week ago, the narrow space to the right of the Hotel on Rivington's lobby has been rechristened 105 Riv. TONY describes the decor as "cherry-red carpeting, black leather banquettes and an illuminated bar," but fails to mention that the place now has a stripper pole (a fact that Cutlets did not overlook). [~E~; TONY; Cutlets]