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EaterWire: Trouble Brewing at The Harrison, Craft Opens for Lunch

TRIBECA—There is a rumor making the rounds concerning Tribeca mainstay The Harrison and its executive chef, Brian Bistrong. To be more precise, while officials insist all is well at the restaurant and no one is going anywhere, word is that Bistrong is on the verge of leaving the Harrison. He and Harrison owner Jimmy Bradley are trying to make a deal, but the situation isn't looking good. If he goes, you do have to wonder about Bradley's ability to keep chefs around, as this would be the first, or second, to leave somewhat abruptly. [EaterWire]

FLATIRON—Starting Monday, Craft, Tom Colicchio's crown jewel, will finally open for lunch. A historically-inclined tipster writes in with some color, "craft is opening for lunch next week after almost two years of trying to do dinner only. they canceled lunch in '05 to push more lunch business to the just relocated craftbar and because they were barely breaking even." Whatever the case, we've already applied for the opportunity to live-blog day 1. Tommy, we'll see you there, bud. [EaterWire Inbox]