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The Charolais Chronicles: Fin.

When we broke the news last week that venerable off-Union Square eatery Steak Frites would be relocating to 225 Varick Street, we somehow missed adding the exclamation point that 225 Varick Street is, in fact, the home to the late lamented Charolais, Simon Oren's bistro that enjoyed several days of business last summer. When Eater operatives dropped by this morning to survey the scene (above) at the shuttered eatery, we noted work coming along; doesn't look like they'll make too many changes to the decor, which makes sense, as they plan to open within the next week or two. Godspeed, Steak Frites. And with that, we officially conclude The Charolais Chronicles.

A footnote: FloFab offers up the scoop that the original Steak Frites location will not, as we reported, reopen as Steak Frites but rather as something called Cafe Society/CSNY. Memo to owner Andrew Silverman: lawyers for David Crosby et al will be in touch shortly.
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