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Introducing Bee Naughty Honey (Or: Julian Niccolini's Moonlighting Gig)

If you'll permit us, we're going to relax our no-food-stuffs rule for a moment here. What you are looking at in this photo at right, which can and should be clicked to enlarge, is one Julian Niccolini, co-owner of the Four Seasons restaurant and mischievous gentleman about town, in a bee keeper's out fit. He is in this getup because Julian has just started a honey company called, how we love this man so, Bee Naughty Honey.

Bee Naughty, which just jarred their first harvest—of 20ish days ago—is a moonlighting gig for Mr. Niccolini. But, again, see photo, he's quite passionate about it all. According to the materials the man and his always generous team sent over, Bee Naughty's bee hives are in Italy, "far far north of Sicily." With hints of lemon verbena, blackberry blossom, clover and pinot noir, this is primo honey, let's be clear—and priced as such at at $125/oz. But here's a much better way to spend your money on this stuff: Julian is looking for investors and is listening to investment offers of $2,500 and up. (If that's you, we'd be happy to put you in touch.) Look at this logo (below) and try to tell us this isn't the greatest thing you've ever seen. The only questions that remains is does investing get you a grill room table at lunch, and, alas, it likely does not.


Bee Naughty honey can be purchased at