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Eater Contest: Name This Venue

Productivity at Eater HQ has ground to an absolute halt at the moment, as the collective stares at this video trying to figure out where in the hell George Cloony and friend ate last night. Good guesses have been thrown around—Frederick's, Primola—but we're stumped. Details of note: wood paneling, light fixtures, a prominently-located dessert display and, seating in close proximity to a storefront (this was shot through the front window). So, we'll put it out to you all: name this restaurant and win a date with Sam Talbot AND a new 2008 Zagat AND a reservation at Per Se AND a dinner for ten cooked by Mario Batali.* Your best guess goes here.
· George and Sarah: Oceans of Smooches [TMZ]

*All subject to availability.