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The Dish: Primehouse New York

Kalina, 9/29/07.

We've tagged this one New Black because if Steve Hanson/BR Guest opens a steakhouse, the people are going to pack the joint. It's like when McNally opens a bistro: best of luck with your resy cold call. This particular Hanson steakhouse, Primehouse New York, which opens today on Park South, promises to mix the traditional with the non (Tri-Color Beet and Goat Cheese Maki Roll). It is an import of the BR Guest meat den in Chicago of the same name, though here, unlike in the Windy City, David Burke isn't involved. By way of early comparative analysis, though there is no chance you will find a Wolfgang's/Blair Perrone caliber porterhouse here, but they're also not going to insult you with the kind of detritus that STK represents as beef.

Here's the plywood for backstory. Also, some PR-age for you (full release at Snack):

Making his proverbial New York debut is Prime, B.R. Guest’s Black Angus bull, a resident of Kentucky’s Creekstone Farms; he is the primary source of beef served in the dining room. In addition, Primehouse New York marks the return of Chef Jason Miller to his hometown of New York...Miller will utilize his personal style and creative flair to redefine the American steakhouse, intermixing new menu items with classic offerings including the finest USDA prime beef, which will be dry-aged on premise in the restaurant's custom-built Himalayan rock salt-tiled aging room...Chef Miller spent the last 15 years working alongside mentor David Burke to open several top dining establishments, including Park Avenue Café in New York, multiple Smith & Wollensky locations nationwide and, most recently, the highly popular David Burke Primehouse in Chicago.
Yes, there is a bull and he is named Prime and they' are actually playing such absurd angle in the press release. 381 Park Avenue South, Murray Hill; (212) 824-2600