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Introducing the Eater DonorsChoose Challenge

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Chances are you've heard of, an innovative philanthropy network for public schools created by Charles Best. Essentially, lets donors do exactly that: select which projects, conceptualized by teachers, they want to support. Initially launched in 2000 at a public school in the Bronx, the undertaking has garnered plenty of press and funded innumerable projects.

This month, the Curbed Network of sites are joining a new initiative called BloggersChoose. We've set a target goal of $25,000 that we're hoping to raise with your help—so we've selected a bunch of worthy projects in New York and beyond that we hope might get you to open your wallet and make a donation. We've kicked things off by funding a journalism project in the Bronx and a school lunch project in West Harlem, but there are plenty more good ideas looking for money, from a photography initiative in Brooklyn to a architecture project on the Upper West Side. DonorsChoose is tracking the overall BloggersChoose challenge, to give a sense of what's being done by the blogosphere as a whole (we'll be updating the progress of our reader challenge here on a weekly basis, too). Together, let's make a difference.
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