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EaterWire: Beard Papa's Imminent Return, Blue Ribbon Uptown Creeping Up, Drama at Alto & L'Impero, More!

WEST VILLAGE—Fans of pastry joint Beard Papa's—you know who you are—rest easy. As previously reported, the Carmine Street and Astor Place locations that have been closed for much of the summer will indeed reopen, all renovated and pretty-like. Per the signage at the Carmine Street outpost (above), we now know that it will happen sometime this month. Maybe. [kathryn/Eater Photo Pool]

MIDTOWN EAST/MIDTOWN WEST—The RG reports that Tim Butler has left as pastry chef of Alto and L'Impero, the two restaurants at which Michael White has recently assumed the head chef position. Further, chef de cuisine Kevin Sippel has also resigned from his position at Alto. Both chefs will make their official exit on October 20. Butler cited "creative differences" upon giving his notice. Over at Cutlets, there is a retort from Michael White: “I asked him over and over again — use a little hazelnut or some Gianduja chocolate — but he totally refused. Then he told me he wasn’t coming in anymore. I’m the easiest guy to work for in the world! But this guy really was a jerk.” [RG, Cutlets]

COLUMBUS CIRCLE—After a mere 22 years of construction, Six Columbus, hotelier Jason Pomeranc's new boutique dream, has finally opened. What of the Blue Ribbon that's to open in the new hotel as well? Per a special correspondent, this: "Just heard that while Six Columbus hotel has opened today (finally!) the Blue Ribbon Sushi restaurant is still about two to three weeks away, according to a hotel co-owner." [EaterWire Inbox]

UPPER EAST SIDE—File under Deathwatch Chronicles, from a reader: "Just left accademia di vino, savior of the east 60's, completely full and very good. Walked a few blocks. Came upon Solace, the front dining room was a ghost town (didn't stop in to see the back). Tumbleweeds were being broomed off the sidewalk in front as I tipped my hat to the grim restaurant reaper on the corner." [EaterWire Inbox]