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un-Deathwatched: HQ

The theme for today is restaurant survival. All day long, we'll be running items on venues that have, for one reason or another, out-lived their expected life span or Deathwatch sentence. We may obsess over a venue's demise now and then, to be sure, but we can certainly appreciate a good survival story as much as the next guy.

As we hinted at in the last Eater Hospice report, the state of affairs at HQ, on the Deathwatch for a whopping 35 weeks, has taken a turn for the better. Though it is not 100% in the clear, the neighborhood is warming to Terrance Cave's Thompson Street bistro, where clam bakes and beer tastings, along with increasingly user-friendly brunch, lunch, and dinner menus, are actually getting the job done. Gone, for example is a "savory Sonoma foie gras with pineapple chutney sauce"; added, "Australian Rack of Lamb." Indeed, various recent spot inspections reveal that it's time to un-Deathwatch HQ, now coming up on 15 months old. Terrance Cave, we salute you, sir, our second ever Deathwatch survivor.
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