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EaterWire: The House Open, 205 Fuzz-Shuttered, 50 Carmine Just Shuttered!

· Dish Special Interruption: "The House opened up on 1/3.  Interesting space.  American comfort food (i.e. braised ribs and potatoes – decent sounding seafood)." The venue, about which little info has been available, is of ShutterWood fame, natch. Please Don't Pass The Nuts has this initial menu analysis: "What caught my eye was the note at the bottom of the entrée page: “No substitutions or changes.” Then, “Please let your server know of any dietary restrictions.” This is a contradiction, no? I feel like this mixed message will encourage those patrons who insist they have “allergies” to foods when in fact they simply don’t like beets or onions or turmeric and want a substitution. This gives waitstaff “allergy” fatigue, how could it not?" Go. Eat. Report. [EaterWire Inbox]

· Daily Intel has it that 205 was shuttered by the fuzz this weekend: "West Chelsea clubs Sol, Pink Elephant, and Crobar were shuttered by the authorities Friday night, and they weren't the only spots closed down. According to a witness, downtown dance den 205 suffered a similar fate just before midnight that evening. "I was pulling up in a cab, and they were throwing down the gate and there were fifteen cops outside," the source says. Patrons may have smelled trouble when, the week of the closing, bouncers were stringently cracking down on smoking. ("One more ticket and we're closed," one said.) And rumors also circulated that undercover cops were in the club. But employees say illicit activities were not a reason behind the closing and that police searched the club, including bottles and a staffer's jacket, supposedly looking for paperwork that had not been filed." [Oxfeld]

· There will be Shutter follow-up to this, but it seems that Carmine Street Ital 50 Carmine has closed: "walked by 50 carmine yesterday early evening to see that all tables, chairs, everything but the bar had been removed, and some sort of cleaning or renovation was in progress. no explanatory signs. if they're finally closing, i'm amazed they lasted this long." [EaterWire Inbox]

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