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Banned on Chowhound: Coffee Shops

The best part of Chowhound's rss feed is that posts inexplicably removed from the boards do not get instantly removed from the feed. Above is a prime example, which we were able to pull out of our RSS, after it was removed from the boards. If anyone can come up with a good reason why a request for a good coffee shop should be removed, we're all ears.

More broadly, let's dig back into Banned on Chowhound. At the start of the year, during this time of reflection, it occurs to us that it's been ages since the fine folks at Chowhound have been called out for their Nazi-like censorship practices. Here and now, we make this decree: any Chowhound post you've had removed from their boards we will be happy run in-full here.* Right this way.

· Banned on Chowhound: Thou Shalt Not Derail Morimoto [~E~]
· Banned On Chowhound: Chowhound Explains! (Sort Of) [~E~]

*Within reason, obvs.

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