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Eater Inside: Stand

[Kalina, 1/2/07.]

Here we have Stand, Jonathan Morr's concept burger restaurant -- "That rare well-done burger restaurant" -- at 24 East 12th Street (formerly, the completely ridiculous Yujin). Morr's strength is in clear and comprehensive concept development, and, indeed, strong branding, here by Base Design, is what one notes immediately at Stand. Interior design of the "sophisticated mess hall" (per press mats) is by Studio Gaia, with custom-designed furniture by SoHo’s BDDW.

Stand is a member of the burger class of 2006, which includes BLT Burger, brgr, Zipburger, Royale, Lure Fishbar and many many more. 2006 burgers were often East-Coast-polished versions of the In-and-Out burger. Arguably, and refreshingly, that is not exactly the case here. Instead, Stand offers a menu of burgers that could have come out of a burger building conference attended by sauce junkies. Condiments like green peppercorn sauce and onion marmalade dominate the menu -- not necessarily a bad thing, though if a laser light show isn't your thing it is advisable on a first trip to request everything on the side. All in, the burger is professional here, and a lot less precious than it could be, given the massive roster of ingredients present and their on-menu statement, "we recommend no substitutions."

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