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The Hard Sell: 105 Stanton Street

Once a week, or so, Eater Nightlife Real Estate Guru-in-Residence Steven Kamali will be giving you the virtual tour of one of his fine properties. As you know, he is the broker of record on many a fine NY nightlife establishment, many of which change hands like clockwork every 36 months. Should you want to buy one of these gems, please be in touch with The Grim Reaper directly; we're not here to make money off of your failed nightlife ventures. Also, don't be scared of his new photo. He's really a teddy bear; the Grip Reaper look is just a facade.

2007_01_thehardsell.jpgVenue: 105 Stanton Street, aka Ini Ani
Kamali: “Location-Location-Location!”

Rent: $2,195 per month
Kamali “Affordable, even without a liquor license, but you're going to want to explore a delivery business to help your bottom-line.”

Size: 390 SF
Kamali: “The size of NYC’s average studio apartment. Your patrons will feel right at home!”

Term: 10 years
Kamali: “Perfection! More than ample time to build your restaurant empire; this is that cute "original location" that'll be in all the tourist guides."

Fixture Fee: $100,000
Kamali: “What you probably spent of your college education. Pay for this the same way paid for college?LOANS!”

Other: Beer & Wine Liquor License; Kitchen (No Venting in Place)
Kamali “Venting schmenting. Put a fan by the door and you're good. Or you could just serve Sushi, Sandwiches, Salads, etc?”

The Hard Sell: "We're talking primo LES storefronting here. It's small, but you know what hipsters love? Small. Makes 'em feel more crowded in, more hotness. Hey, take it or leave it; if you don't make an offer the next guy through the door will."

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