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Adam Platt's Wildest Dreams Come True: 'Haute Barnyard' Takes Hold!

We should have been on this story two days ago (and for that we apologize), but with such things late is better than never.

The keeper of the Radar, Mr. Jason Kessler, sends along word that haute barnyard, the phrase that Adam Platt coined late in 2006 has been working hard -- blood, sweat, and tears hard -- to get into the New York restaurant scene lexicon, has finally taken hold. From this past Sunday's Times, in an article about the dining adventures of city kids:

Japanese restaurants like Blue Ribbon Sushi in Brooklyn and Rosanjin in TriBeCa (offering prix fixe meals from $105), where children might once have been lucky to have a yearly birthday dinner, now offer child-size portions for small guests. Blue Hill, that avatar of haute barnyard cuisine prepared sous vide and with minimal saucing, provides crayons for young gourmands.
Mr. Platt: mazel, mazel. Mr. Cutlets: hang in there. Lower Eastpacking isn't the one, but you'll come up with something, we're sure.
· These Kids Never Say 'Yech!' [NYT]