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EaterWire: Massive Cover-Up in Progress at Ramsay, Gold Bar Delayed!

MIDTOWN WEST—How's Gordo taking the news that his restaurant is a better sleeping aid than two Ambien and a pillow? If this is accurate, and God let it be so, he's not taking it well: "As it happens, my husband had a business lunch there today. The meal was precisely as described. The only unexpected thing: all of the Dining sections had been taken out of all of the newspapers in the hotel. Gone, done, vanished." [EaterWire Inbox]

NOLITA/SOHO/CHINATOWN—Gold Bar update: "Workers are installing glass panes surrounding massive wooden doors. The entrance is impressive. Spoke to an owner who told me the opening won't be until next weekend now. Will bring a camera on my next trip outside." [EaterWire Inbox]

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