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Deathwatch: eGullet

For months, every time the issue of eGullet had come up at Deathwatch Committee hearings it'd be tabled. Does it get the DW stamp? Is it even eligible? How to come to terms with how cliquey and insulated it's become? Can it evolve into something useful again? Finally, the committee ruling has come down: respectively, yes, yes, we deathwatch is how, unlikely.

There was a time when eGullet was important, such as in 2004, when Grant Achatz chronicled the opening of Alinea for all to see (hat tip, JL). Lately, however, and much to our chagrin, it's devolved into something far less valuable, with ego-driven posts outnumbering thoughtful ones 3:1. Plus, personalities aside, there is a utility problem emerging: how is it possible that a gazillion eGulleters rushed to Death & Co. -- a venue that is in no way a restaurant -- in the first 48 hours of operation, yet there is still not a post about Akhtar Nawab's new E.U. menu, despite the two venues being a handful of blocks apart?

Team eGullet: get in the game. Over/under on site redesign, new posting rules enacted: June 2007.
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