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Few word combinations carry the weight of strict media blackout. Similar to membership cards have been distributed, these phrases elevate the Eater Situation Room alert status to DEFCON 5—meaning only those lunching at the Four Seasons grill room, or better, are allowed to continue eating. All other staff is called back to the office immediately to await further instructions and dispatch.

In short, we're at DEFCON 5: The pre-soft-opened Gold Bar, which made its first appearance in these parts on December 4, 2006, is four short days for opening. Yet all details about said venue have been kept, purposefully, mum. Also, we are told that employees have been threated with dismissal should they be so bold as to leak info to the press. (Status of the Skull Man: unknown.)

This being Eater, however, we do have a man one degree removed from the inside. Here's his report for today:

Right now they are under a strict media blackout. They will be open this week for fashion week though. I think Thursday Feb 1st is "soft opening."

My prognosis is that it will be very cool with good drinks until they turn over the opening staff, then it will probably de-evolve into normal crappy B8 shite show with bottle service, powder sports, and crappy hi-balls.

Thrillist casts their vote for a Thursday open as well, but this is to say nothing of door policy, membership cards, drink menus, skull placement and just how much gold they've really got up in there. More to come.
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Official Gold Bar red phone.

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