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Shutter Vital Update: Ametller Clings to Life

Regarding the curious case of West Village eatery Ametller, which seemed to have finally crossed the line into death last week, a trio of reader emails refute our conclusion: a) "Walked by there last night around 9pm, and it was all full and the windows were steamed up. Definitely open, definitely serving." b) "I had dinner there last night and the place stayed open til 12:30ish." c) "It is open as of January 27th. There is still 'For Rent by Owner' sign above the restaurant though."

An Eater inspector dropped by the joint today. Report from the owner's mouth: "We're playing around with the hours. Breakfast is pretty inconsistent, but we're open for dinner most nights." Short story: definitely still open, call ahead.
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BONUS SHUTTERAGE: The crazy cats from NYCNosh drop us an email: "We walked by the IS@NY restaurant (next to El Centro) in Hell's Kitchen yesterday and saw the whole place was being changed around: new furniture, a new espresso machine in the back, new paint, etc. So we chatted with the guy in charge (we're 90% sure he was the owner) and learned that IS@NY is gone for good, and replacing it will be an HK outpost of UWS old school pasta stalwart Puccini. Interesting stuff on a block that is in desperate need of a little TLC."

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