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Introducing resyFEED

The short story of how this all came to be is that the guy from Below 14th and the guy from She Loves NY got together to start a restaurant blog. They'd take the best of those sites, add to the word count (in the case of SLNY), and see what's what. One feature we've missed that didn't make the initial trip is the resy, which faithful slny readers may recall as a weekly mainstay.

Well, folks, buckle in. Today, we are straight giddy to introduce to you to the resyFEED, soon to become a frequent feature on Eater. For the uninitiated, the resy (REH'zee) is an absolute measure of restaurant heat: the time at which one can secure a same-day reservation for a party of two. A phone call is made and the results of said call are transcribed as such: restaurant name -- phone -- resy. The resyFEED, then, is a regular dose of the resy, Eater style. Behold, the very definition of fun for the whole family.
· resyFEED [Eater/She Loves NY]

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