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We Have a Winner: Top Chef 2 SPOILER ALERT

Eater LA scores a massive scoop this AM, with the reveal of who will be crowned Top Chef in next week's season 2 finale.

A very, extra reliable source, we'll call them Deep Dish, left a slightly ambiguous tip with us about the winner of "Top Chef." Yes, the winner, people. We covered the show—and admittedly, are slightly addicted—from the beginning because local restaurateur and caterer Betty Fraser was a contender, and it was filmed here in LaLa Land. But even after Badabing Betty was told to pack her knives and go, and even after the finalists went to Hawaii for the last two episodes, we couldn't help note recent events with remaining chefs, New Yorker Ilan Hall and Las Vegasite Marcel Vigneron. Neither has been a fan favorite, and speculation is all over the place about the winner, even down to figuring out which direction Padma was looking when she said, "You're the next Top Chef" in the teaser for next week's episode. Friends, it's time to stop guessing.
Must. Resist. Urge. To. Click.
· Top Chef 2: SUPER SPOILER ALERT [Eater LA]

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