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E.U. Scores Akhtar Nawab For Kitchen, Actual Hope

It is has been a long time since there was good news to come out of the SLA-abused, East Village black sheep E.U.. Today that changes with the word that they've installed Akhtar Nawab, formerly of Craft and the aborted Allen & Delancey, as Chef. He replaces Sara Ochs and Ned Elliot, who, co-owner Jason Hennings clarified to us, was merely a consultant until he "found the right talent with the right experience to manage the Kitchen and cuisine." Nawab will be in the kitchen tonight, when E.U. reopens. He's arrives with many of his past staffers, including his Sous Chef Josh Miller.

Hennings also added, in an emailed note to Eater:

We (Mr. Giraldi and I) are very excited about the collaboration with Akhtar. Now it's business as usual, opening at 6 pm tomorrow and time to get the word out on the food and concept of all things great and European; things other than liquor license woes, chef drama's and neighbors floods, which you all seem to have covered so well (LOL). We Truly only want to give people a great and fun food & wine experience and wont settle for less in either facet, either food quality or service. The excellence we aspire to seems to create great challenges that we will overcome by not being afraid of change.
Provided price point doesn't elevate significantly, this is an extremely positive development for E.U. Confidential to the Deathwatch Committee: no need to draw up the paperwork just yet.
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