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Eater Inside: Dennis Foy

[Kalina, 1/18/07; NB: The art is all for sale.]

Dennis Foy, likely due to its low-profile Tribeca environs, has opened with but a whisper of press; this, despite early reviews of an entirely positive nature. Its namesake, chef, owner, and resident artist is, of course, Dennis Foy, who, as Randall Lane puts it, is the Halley’s comet of New York restaurateurs, last seen at EQ and, in the late 80s, Mondrian. His new restaurant is simple, straightforward and like a slow-moving art house flick, plays a very fine line between engagingly deliberate and boring. Early reports, however, are that it's mostly on the good side of this divide, which should secure it a spot on your to-be-tried list.

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