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Chowhound In Crisis: Redesign Backlash

Rebroadcast, mostly unedited, from the LA command center.


A few things we've learned while reading Chowhound over the years: Hounds can accept, far more than we can, the inexplicable removal of posts; plus, they are patient when it comes to expecting change, such as most recently, when CNET bought the site. A nip and tuck here and there is all they ask. But now, NOW, just yesterday, actually, the site has been completely redesigned and dropped in the laps of unsuspecting users, and even the most devoted are on a rampage. It's as if CNET just wanted to fuck with everyone, show 'em who's boss, and threw a new untested site to the lions—and now the lions are tearing it apart.

It isn't pretty, folks. While comments like, "Do you guys even use the site. This redesign is TERRIBLE, completely USELESS" fill several separate posts, it's the new dark red color scheme that's giving most people trouble:

"The maroon colour gives me eye strian."

"We users are being INFLAMED by the new colors. Personally on my screen, the reds make me think of blood, not a positive reaction, trust me."

"Red is the WORST color to have on any presentation or website. It means death in some cultures."

And these are from the Non-Hysterical Gripes Thread. Then it really gets ugly, and Mr. Chowhound himself, Jim Leff, tries to lick their wounds. Over/under on site overhaul #3: 28 hours.
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UPDATE: The re-re-launch is underway. First feature designed expressly for the people, by the people: the style picker. Snazz.

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