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E.U. Shutters Again, Staff Chaos, Etc., &c.

We didn't add the asterisk seen at right (taken from the homepage of its official site), but it's appropriate: embattled East 4th Street gastropub E.U. is closed again. According to a friendly woman answering the phone there this afternoon, "We're actually closed due to some heating problems in the building. We'll be reopening on Thursday."

Heating problems, you say? Hmmm. That's not exactly what we're hearing. You may recall that back in December, chef Sara Ochs left E.U., replaced by one Ned Elliot. Now, says an Eater source, Elliot is toast:

The EU has shut again. After firing Chef Ned Elliot on Sunday night, a fracas occured resulting in the police being called. Staff trying trying to find out their schedule for the week have been greeted with a dark restaurant, the standard voicemail greeting, and an ad on craigslist offering all FOH positions.
A quick search on Craigslist—and there we go! ("Hosts; must be geniuinely friendly. Coat Check; must be organized and friendly. Servers; Must have very good European wine knowledge and sincerely care about the customers experience. Bussers; must be fast and graceful.")

How much longer can this saga wind on? Wrong question. Let us enjoy this seminal shitshow as long as we've got it, friends.
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