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Eater Inside: Kobe Club

[Kalina, 1/18/07]

According to its official website, Kobe Club is "non-profit, private membership club serving Kansai’s international community." Er. Reset. According to its official website, Kobe Club is "the latest creation from restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow" and "is sure to entice."

That's the idea, anyway, after three varieties of Chodorow's Mix (né Mix in New York; see also: Mix; Francesco at Mix) failed to catch on in what is an admittedly dark, awkward space on West 58th (it is much smaller than the Kalina is making it look). The clever solution this time around: go steak, go Vegas, and go pricey. The new decor, created by the L.A.-based Dodd Mitchell Design, turned white to black, then hung 2,000-odd samurai swords from the ceiling. The effect is enough to make Steve Wynn swoon. The approach to the meat, meanwhile, trades the straightforward steakhouse approach for a more refined meat experience.

The reaction to Jeffrey Chodorow's latest has been -- let's call it -- mixed. Detractors say the meat, though at times good, does not live up to the prices (expect to spend at least $150 a head) by a margin, while others care less about the price than the comfort of a post-dinner, meat-sweatless sleep.

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