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PrimeTimeTables: 'We Are NOT Selling Tables at Restaurants'

Earlier today, we ramped up our investigation into PrimeTimeTables, the new restaurant reservation service that certainly has its share of proponents—and detractors. Since our last post on the subject, readers have joined the cause to help figure out who's behind the site. (Our thanks to the more than half-dozen who've sent along the website's WHOIS registration info. It's a red herring, btw.)

While we follow up the hot leads (expect resolution on this by end-of-day), we've scared up an official statement from PrimeTimeTables.

Prime-Time-Tables is simply a service company that facilitates reservations for people who don't have the time or inclination to reserve one month in
advance at some of the finest restaurants. We have created a system that allows business people who cannot plan in advance but need access to last minute reservations at what we call "prime time" (7 to 9pm) at some of the finest and most popular restaurants.

Due to the growing frustrations of making reservations our service has become a necessity for busy individuals and especially corporate executives. Nine out of ten restaurants today have a computerized answering system where callers are asked to leave their name and number and hope someone will get back to them. Nine times out of ten, callers are put on hold for an exorbitant amount of time and when they do get through they are told tables are available at 5:30 or 10pm. Prime-Time-Tables takes away that frustration by doing the "leg work" for our members. We are NOT selling tables at restaurants, we are selling the service of providing reservations for the most desired time. This service not only benefits our members but it is also a positive and free service to the restaurants as it eliminates the diner's direct contact and ultimate frustration with the challenges of making a reservation.

The hospitality industry is a full service industry which needs to begin with the welcome which includes the process of making reservations. If a caller is hassled about time or made to wait or is not accommodated with the requested time or date, they are more likely to have a negative opinion about the venue from the get go whereas if they use Prime-Time-Tables that frustrating or negative experience is spared and the experience will be that much more enjoyable as a result.

We work as a dining club where people need to be referred to have access to the service and we charge a membership fee for this service. We offer two types of membership, basic and premium. Basic membership has no sign up fee, members are charged per reservation and the price varies from $35 to $45 depending on how far in advance they purchase the reservation -- $35 per reservation for up to 48 hours in advance, $40 for up to 24 hours and $45 for the same day. Premium membership is $450 per year and we charge $35 per reservation, $25 per reservation the day before. Same day reservation for premium members are free as long as the reservation is on the cite.

We accept special requests for tables we do not have on the cite at a fee of $50.

Our clientele varies from individuals to top corporations. Today we have over 500 members and we offer tables in NY, Miami, Chicago and San Francisco. We will be adding more cities and members soon.

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