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PrimeTimeTables: Just Some Basic Facts

PrimeTimeTables was created by Lauren Gaither in the fall of 2005 and sold to Pascal Riffaud, the current owner of the business, in November 2005, at which time PrimeTimeTables as we know it came to be. Until very recently, ie. last week, PTT had a membership of about 200 clients (now there are an additional 1000 applicants)—mostly high level businessmen with the financial resources to dine as they wish, but without the time and energy to do the leg work needed to secure a table at say, Nobu.

In conversations today with Riffaud, he made clear: PrimeTimeTables is in no way related to Pascal Riffaud's other business, Personal Concierge International or that of his wife Karine Bakhoum, who is president of the restaurant and lifestyle public relations firm KB Network News.

And with that, we bid you goodnight. Tomorrow is a new day and with it will come more PrimeTimeTabling.
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