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Markt Shuttered, Future Uncertain

Though it had been suggested that MePa mainstay Markt would be relocating to the now-shuttered Sascha space at 55 Gansevoort, there are multiple reports today to indicate that said move isn't happening--and that the venue is closed, potentially for good.

WhatISee has the blogged account:

On a drizzly morning, we decided to heard to Markt for a late brunch. Before jumping in the cab though, we decided to call to make sure they were open. Surprisingly, they weren't open, but even more surprisingly, they're not going to open again. They've apparently lost their lease and had a blowout New Years Eve. They'd like to reopen, but have no idea where.
And from the ol' Eater inbox:
Markt has officially closed as of January 1st. The deal with Sascha fell through. The owner of the Sascha space wants the Sascha lease paid in full or have the MARKT owner make him a partner, neither of which is going to happen. I heard all this from an assistant to the owner. I have eaten there many a time and know many a peeps there.
So, to sum: Markt shuttered, future uncertain. Paging Kamali, who, frankly, we'd have expected to have sorted this out by now.
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