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Adam Platt's Where to Eat 2007

New York, the magazine built on the theory that New Yorkers never met a round-up they didn't like (truth), uses its first issue of '07' for Adam Platt's 'Where to Eat', a mega-survey of the NY dining scene. It's similar to a year-end affair, but with a twist: by dropping the list in 2007, Platt freed himself of the debuted-in-2006 roundup shackles by which the rest of the universe was bound. Smart man, that Platt.

But, in fairness, the compendium is useful. From Haute Barnyard (a phrase that will enter the common parlance, even if Platt has to die getting it there), there's a little something for everyone here.

Radar Editor and Listage Guru Jason Kessler was kind enough to gather the links for you; all are [NYM], of course. Bon Appetit.
· Adam Platt's Where to Eat
· Where to Eat: The Venue Directory

· Top restaurants of 2006
· Vegas on the Hudson
· The Great Lunch
· Out of Towners
· Neighborhood Chic
· Haute Italian
· Real Barnyard
· Gourmet Bar Food
· Makeover Madness
· Designer Steaks
· Nightclub Chinese
· The Great Lunch
· Brooklyn Ramble
· Breakfast Ramble
· Cocktail Madness
· Dessert
· Most Decadent Dishes in Town
· Best sub-$10 dishes
· Up-and-coming chefs
· Best Place for...
· Five Best Egg Dishes
· Trends we've seen enough of

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