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Eater Inside In Memoriam: Libation

[Kalina, 2/2/05]

Per Curbed's Joey Arak, Grim Reaper Kamali strikes again, this time offering up the space at 137 Ludlow Street for lease. The current occupant of said space: Libation. Arak's elegy:

The cost? $5.5 million (about $753/sf), but how can you put a price on the impact Libation had on the Lower East Side? Heralded by a press release for the ages, Libation was the first superclub to bring an uptown, velvety rope vibe to the (at the time) hipster-dominated LES, and it was right smack in the middle of Hell Square. Its 2004 opening, which flooded Ludlow Street with a bridge & tunnel crowd awash in $12 cocktails, snipped the last remaining thread of Jason Baron's sanity. Libation meant full-scale war. And soon it will be gone, and it pains us to say this, but we're feeling a little nostalgic. Will we go there for one last, er, libation before it's all said and done? No, but you get the picture.
· Hipster Wars End, No Winner in Sight [Curbed]

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