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Receiptrocity Special Report: Restaurant Week Math

This post originally appeared on July 20, 2006, the last time Restaurant Week came around. We're re-posting it today, in what is sure to become our twice yearly snub of Restaurant Week. Though Eater supports the idea of Restaurant Week in theory, it is a brutal, disappointing pricing stunt in practice.

2006_07_restaurantweek.jpgNow and again, an inquiry comes in about our lack of Restaurant Week coverage. Friends, Restaurant Week is a sham. Have a look at this receipt from a Restaurant Week enthusiast's dinner last night at Bread Bar. (This was a party of five.)

Shall we do the math? 228.51, plus an 20% tip gets us to $274. With zero Katrina donation our $35 Restaurant Week meal is now $55 a person. For your reference, a meal in the more expensive version of Bread Bar, Tabla, is listed by Tim & Nina as going for $62, tip and drink included, year 'round.

Include the Restaurant Week hassles of limited menus, big crowds, and scarce resies and net/net your fabulous Restaurant Week savings is a negative number.

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