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Plywood Epic: Silent H in Williamsburg

Plywood sightings—for newcomers in our midst, reader reports of unopened restaurants—tend to run here on Friday. But this week, we're in possession of a veritable Plywood epic sent along by an Eater reader. Though there's certainly shill potential (let's set it at 24%), there's enough breaking intel herein to make the journey worth your while.

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From the ol' Eater inbox:

The last wafts of the former Oznot's Dish restaurant on North 9 and Berry in Williamsburg are being flushed out with fish sauce. The space has been humming with activity, with construction and installation of a new restaurant concept called Silent H, and a potential slated opening for February. Just ask the skinny dude smoking a cigarette who is always out in front.

His name is Vinh Nguyen. He's young and scraping by, but he is passionate and resourceful and he has a heart of gold and an awesome looking menu to come. I think his inspiration to start his own business came from his days when he bartended and managed Father's Office in Santa Monica (LA), where he trained under the tutelage of the owner Sang Yoon. There he fell in love with beer and business, and the concept that you can impose and dictate a simple, yet meticulously crafted menu with no customer alterations, something that might have to do with the fact that Vinh refuses to serve 'pho' at his new spot. And I am sure his Vietnamese heritage and his mom's cooking factors heavily in here as well.

Since he has been in NYC, he's been working in catering before breaking off to focus on launching his own restaurant. Vinh is a sponge for knowledge across food, brews and booze and he is one of the funniest, friendliest fuckers you could meet. More importantly, he is bringing badly needed, authentic-inspired Vietnamese cuisine to the
hood and he promises its not going to be done like the vomitous SEA and Planet Thai compromises of southeast asian cuisine are. (Sorry no hanging bubble chairs ever here.)

Check out his menu on his website. He's got that up and running and has the neighborhood drooling. You click on the airmail stamps for the lunch and dinner menus. Oh and about the name... he's always pissed when we spell his name wrong without the silent H in it. its some endemic spelling trick of all Vietnamese names.

I am sending this as a tip-off and if you bite, you might want to run some fact-checking on his inspiration for the restaurant, and the name origin by Vinh himself (because for all I know this is just know from being his friend and hearing him yap about this place in the making for the last few yrs), and he doesn't know I am leaking this info. I'm just really proud and happy for him!

· Silent H Dinner Menu [Official Site]

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