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Sascha, The Resurrection?

Something mysterious is brewing at the shuttered (and almost replaced) Sascha. From a reader, we received the above snap along with the message, "I've never been to Sascha and I don't care about it at all, but on my way to lunch at Florent today, I noticed signs in Sascha's windows claiming that the restaurant would reopen on January 15. A photo of said sign is attached."

Eater phoned Sascha this AM and found the following outgoing voice mail message: "Hello, thank you for calling Sascha. We are closed for holiday renovations and will reopen January 15th. Please leave a message." Which we did, to inquire about what in the hell is going on. So far, the venue has not -- repeat, not -- reopened. Tag this one DEVELOPING, svp.
· Sascha Restaurant, 2006-2006 [~E~]

UPDATE: Possible scenario #1: "I have it from a reliable source that the sign in Sascha Bakery's window and the phone message may simply be ploys to put off stiffed purveyors clamoring to get paid what they are owed."

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