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Eater Inside: Death & Co.

[Kalina, 1/14/07.]

Death & Company has come onto the scene with blazing speed, from Plywood to Sunday Styles in an unheard of 11 days. But said buzz isn't unwarranted: the venue is built faithfully to NY cocktail lounge specs, complete with Prohibition Era naming inspiration; carefully conceived and crafted cocktails; an understated yet decadent exterior; dark wood, chandeliers and a marble top bar; and a few choice booths that allow for a certain degree of privacy. The owners are Dave Kaplan and Ravi DeRossi (of the Burgious Pig), with small plates by chef Jacques Godin. The head bartender, the man you want to know in this type of establishment, is Philip Ward (of Pegu and Flatiron). The venue has been in soft open for a few weeks and opens officially this week.

Special unconfirmed bonus: Somewhere on the premises is a while skull. A free round is offered to those who can find it.

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